Victoria Place, Ontario, Canada

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The Victoria Place office building in Whitby, Canada, incorporates an innovative steel beam which allowed for an additional floor on the project. Through the use of DELTABEAM® Composite Beams in conjunction with hollow core slabs, David Mills of Mills & Associates was able to reduce the thickness of the concrete floor. In turn, the complete shallow floor made it possible to fit 3 levels within the municipal height limitation.

’We were able to add square footage to the building and ultimately, increase the future revenue of our customer’’ says David Mills. ‘’Traditional wide flange beams would have protruded below the precast slabs, making it impossible to fit 3 storeys within the height limitation’’. 

The composite slim floor used on Victoria Place eliminated the structural encumbrances typically found on a mid-rise office project. With no steel beams protruding below the precast floor, the project saw not only an additional floor, but also a seamless coordination between structure and mechanical systems.  

‘‘Integrated fire rating combined with easy placement of rebar accelerated the construction of the project’’ adds architect David Mills. Indeed, DELTABEAM® has an integrated fire rating of 2 hours: no fire protection is required, the bottom plate of the beam can remain exposed. Additionally, transversal rebar is simply dropped through the beam in the beam web holes: rebar welding is not required. The combination of these features helps speed up construction. 

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"We were able to add square footage to the building and ultimately, increase the future revenue of our customer."

David Mills, Mills & Associates

О проекте

Общая площадь:
500 m2
Общая площадь:
5 400 ft2
Строительная компания:
Gay Company Ltd.
D. G. Biddle & Associates
Mills & Associates
Дата поставок:
Год завершения строительства:

Менеджер проекта


Mark Johanson, Sales Representative Моб. тел. (418) 446-1333
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